• Julie Coley

First Baptist Church Began in the 900 Block of Indiana Ave.

I mentioned The First Baptist Church of Wichita Falls in one of my first blogs last year, but I wanted to expand on the history of the church. According to the historical marker for the church's current location, the church began in a log cabin in 1883. So just a few years later, the congregation built a brick church in the 900 block of Indiana Ave. in 1888-1889.

I discovered this Sanborn Map below dated 1889 and it shows the church being located there. The 1909 city directory does not show the church is there so at the time of the photo below, the church had moved to their second location at 1100 10th St. at 10th and Austin, then moving to its current location. The photo below shows the church being demolished.

Today, the location of the original church and subsequent businesses is just a blank space that is used for parking, after the newer buildings were demolished.

Note that further down the street was also a Presbyterian church, which was also demolished at some point.

The 1889 Sanborn Map showing the First Baptist Church. The full map shows this is on Indiana Ave. between 10th and 9th but the addresses shown were clearly different than they are today.

This is a photo in possibly the nineteen teens showing the church being torn down to make way for new "modern" buildings.


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