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901 Indiana Ave.

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

In 1909, the building that stood on this corner of Indiana and 9th was probably a wood framed building. It sold "paints and oils." By 1919 this building and all of the other shack type buildings had been demolished and the Wichita Opera House (later The Wichita Theater) was the only place that was still standing on that side of the street. Can you just picture in your mind what that block of Indiana looked like back in the 20's with just empty land there?

In about 1925, a new "modern" building was built. It was 6 stories high and it was named the Perkins-Snider Building. Smith's Drug Store occupied the whole bottom floor. The Chamber of Commerce was on the third floor, as was the Railroad Commission and the Texas and Oklahoma Fair Association!

In September of 1928, the Perkins-Snider building leased to a new tenant on the 6th floor. The very first radio station in Wichita Falls, KGKO, started broadcasting from this building. It's very first broadcast was Tuesday September 4, 1928. The large radio towers were installed on top of the building. The station would broadcast the football games live, they would do talk shows and have musicians come into the station and play live on the air.

By 1931, the Perkins-Snider building was renamed, the Radio Building. In May of 1938, the radio station was sold to Amon Carter and it was moved to the Dallas area and became WFAA. For a time in Dallas, WFAA and KLIF shared the same tower.

This building remained the Radio Building for many years. Probably one of the most memorable stores on the main floor was Patricia Shoes. Although the shoe store started out in the 800 block of Indiana, it was located in the Radio Building from 1956 until it closed in 1979.

In 1988, the building was sold in a repossession sale and the new owner named it the First Texas Building.

Grand Opening of KGKO

The Radio Building with the new radio station KGKO

Radio Building at 9th & Indiana - Sept 22, 1980 - From the Times Record News Collection; courtesy of the Wichita County Archive

Radio Building at 9th & Indiana - Mar 11, 1983 - From the Times Record News Collection; courtesy of the Wichita County Archive

The 6 story Radio Building in the distance, show Patricia's Shoes

The First Texas Building today
  • Special thanks to Glenn Hendrix for his contributions from the newspapers.

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