• Julie Coley

I am getting back to writing my blog

Last year, I was writing a new blog every few weeks. Then, I decided to write a children's book. After months of writing the book and getting it published, it was Christmas time. After that, I just got out of the routine of writing and I am hoping to get it going again soon.

In the meantime, here is my new children's book. I wrote it in a simple language that a child could read and I hope it encourages parents and grandparents to read it with their children or grandchildren!!

You can get the new book at Picker's Universe at 10th and Indiana, across from the library, or Heritage Antique Mall at 15th and Lamar or on Amazon. This would be a good weekend to stay inside and read since it's going to be SO hot!

I just might write a new blog this weekend!!

The books I have written are available at Heritage Antique Mall at 1503 Lamar Ave. across from Coca Cola or at Picker's Universe at 1000 Indiana Ave. across from the library. They are also available on Amazon at

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