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912 Indiana Ave. Wichita Falls, TX

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Originally, 910 and 912 Indiana was one building and was split into two businesses later on. It was another building that began with a different address than it has today. The Olympic Theater was built in 1919 and the address was 908-910 Indiana Ave.

The Olympic Theater showed "silent movies." Below is a photo of the theater and the second photo shows one of the movies that played there. By 1930, the Olympic had closed and the left side of the building became Lerner Shops, created in 1918 in New York and it became a very popular women's clothing store around the country.

It was a very popular store in Wichita Falls, also. Lerner's remained in this location until 1963. From 1964-1973, Flair Fabrics occupied this location, but like many of the other stores downtown, after 1974, the building remained vacant. At some point in the 1980's the front of the store met it's demise and by the 2000's half of the store just had a fence or screen across the front. Today, it has a faux store front with various vintage windows as part of the antique business called, "Echos from the Past," which occupies both sides of what used to be the Olympic Theater, as seen in the last photo. I couldn't get a great photo of it today, because the sidewalks are lined with large trees, blocking all of the store fronts.

Olympic Theater in the 1920's

Movie playing at the Olympic Theater

Lerner's Shop in the 1930's

Lerner's Shop in the 1940's

Echo's From the Past - today

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