• Julie Coley

916 Indiana Ave. Wichita Falls, Texas

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

This is the last of the 3 little buildings that once stood in the area of 916-918 Indiana Ave. At times, it was 3 businesses and at other times there were only two businesses in this little area. It started out as Star Furniture as shown in the photo below. By 1921 it was Chambers Drug Store.

In 1925 It became Marshall Millnary owned by C,S, Marshall and Mrs. N.H. Albitz. By this time, I believe the old building shown below had been demolished and a new more modern brick building had been built.

By 1927 it was Guaranty Advertising Co. By 1928 it was the Recreation Club. The club remained there for a few years but in 1932, the building was vacant. By this time the address had changed from 910 to 916.

In 1933, Paul's Shoe Shop opened in this location as shown in the second photo below. Paul's remained there for 12 years, one of the longer standing businesses downtown.

In 1947 Tru Value Shop a ladies clothing store, opened their doors as shown in the third photo below. Another long standing business it remained there for 13 years and closed it's doors in 1960. The only thing showing that it was Tru Value is the next to the last photo showing the stores name on the ground.

For some reason, this building remained vacant from 1960 until it was demolished in the 90's. It was never rented out again. Maybe there was roof damage which ultimately caused the demise of this building that the owner wouldn't repair? It seems very strange that it was never occupied again when the 60's was the busiest time for downtown. It still remains one of the very few buildings in the downtown area that was actually demolished in later years.

Star Furniture at 916 Indiana Ave. 1920's

Paul's Shoe Shop at 916 Indiana Ave. 1940's

Tru Value Shop from the 1940's 916 Indiana Ave.

Lee Optical and Tru Value at 916 Indiana Ave. 1950's

Lee Optical vacant building at 916 Indiana Ave. 1990's

Marble floor at 916 Indiana Ave. for Tru-Value Shop that is still there today.

Location for 916 Indiana Ave. after demolition.


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