• Julie Coley

916 or 916 1/2 Indiana, Wichita Falls, Texas

This next business is going to have the same pictures as the last business because this one story building was built and then divided into several businesses. The addresses changed so it's possible that one business occupied 2 parts of the buildings and at other times 2 businesses occupied each part.

The first known business here was Star Furniture Co, As the years went by Star Furniture grew and moved to bigger and bigger buildings as it became more successful. That one story building was demolished and new more modern building was built.

In 1932, it started out as various lady's dress shops with various names for a few years. The longest running dress shop was called, "The Vogue."

In 1941, It became Mast Optical, by 1960, it had become Lee Optical. It remained Lee Optical with a changed address of 918 Indiana until about 1979. It stayed vacant until it was demolished in 1993-1994.

In the fourth photo, you can still see part of the Mast entrance still on the ground today.

Early 1900's view of the original buildings.

1940's view of the new modern buildings.

1950's view of the businesses that were there.

1980's view of the vacant buildings.

What is left of the entryway to Mast Optical.

Empty lot today where the buildings once stood.


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