• Julie Coley

918 Indiana, Wichita Falls, TX

918 Indiana is another confusing building. It was built early on, demolished and then replaced by new modern buildings. The addresses are so confusing, it seems like it had a different address every year, but in 1922 it was Liberty Tailors and Liberty Hat Co. In 1924 it was 914 Indiana and in 1925 it was 916 Indiana. I suspect back then, addresses didn't really matter because most of the time, a letter would just have a person's name and city on it and no address at all!

It appears that by 1927, this set of buildings were demolished. Possibly by the 1930's, a new set of buildings were built, and 918, that was actually 916 1/2 became Virginia Dare Stores, which was a women's clothing store. In 1941, it was Vogue Woman's Shop.

In 1942, I know for sure it was Babyland! By 1958, Babyland had closed, but as you will see in the last photo, a little bit of this business still remains today. You can still see the L-A-N on the ground today, that would have been at the entrance of their business.

I can't see that this tiny little narrow building was ever used again, unless it was taken in by Mast Optical which I will talk about in my next blog. Perhaps, it just sat there abandoned, or a doorway was cut between the two buildings. Mast Optical became 918 Indiana, after Babyland closed. Later Lee Optical occupied 918 Indiana Ave.

The buildings were demolished around 1993-1994, It's sad to think these buildings weren't taken care of over the years, causing their demise, even though they weren't as old as other buildings on the street.


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