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926 Indiana Ave. - Wichita Falls, TX

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

At at one time, Miller - Ferguson and The Olympic

Fruit/Food Store, which I told about in my previous post,

took up several of the current store fronts, eventually

being split up into several businesses. So that I don't

repeat what was in this store in the early days, you can go

back to the story about 928 Indiana Ave. and see what was

here. The Olympic Food Store remained here until the early


By the 1950's, 926 Indiana Ave. had become Texas State Optical and it remained there through the 60's. As businesses left the downtown area in the 70's, this building remained vacant for a really long time.

In 1978, according to Charles Campbell, his mother's antique store, Sign of the Peacock was located here. It then moved next door a couple of years later. There was no other business in this place until 1988.

In about 1988, this place became Dave's Drum World. In 1995-1997 it was a store called Gold Acres Antique Mall, which I don't remember at all, even though I was in the antique business during that time!

The building remained vacant for a few more years, then it became Tracey Music and remains that business today. I spoke with the manager, Bill Coleman, who told me lots of old-timers have visited with him, and told him they remember it being a grocery store for many years. They told him the produce department was located on the second floor.

Today, if you sit in the parking lot at 9th and Indiana and look towards this building, you can still see the painted sign for Hotel The American.

Texas State Optical 926 Indiana Ave. 1950's

Texas State Optical 926 Indiana Ave. 1950's

926 Indiana Ave. during the 1980's.

Tracey Music today

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