• Julie Coley

History of Wichita Falls, Texas

I am Julie Coley, a local author, historian and I run Historical Tours of Wichita Falls, TX. I am starting a new blog called, "History of Wichita Falls."

Every few weeks, I will highlight a building in Wichita Falls, try to post a photo of it and tell you the history of the building, what it used to be in the old days and what it is today.

All photos will be copyrighted and you won't be able to download them because they all belong to other people, but please, feel free to share my website for others to visit. I hope this brings back happy memories to all!

I also sell out of print books on CD on my website. You can find family names, city or county histories and more! Just click on the logo below!

The books I have written are available at Heritage Antique Mall at 1503 Lamar Ave. across from Coca Cola or at Picker's Universe at 1000 Indiana Ave. across from the library. They are also available on Amazon at



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